mCHP Systems

Micro Combined heat and power systems (mCHP)

Micro Combined heat and power systems (mCHP) are small power generators that also produce heat energy. Applied correctly these system have the ability to vastly reduce overall energy consumption in homes and businesses by generating power at a lower cost to grid energy, as well as supplying a portion of the heat energy a building requires.

Utilising smart control our engineers can deliver a system that creates flexibility for both the primary system in the building as well as the energy network. Generating low cost decentralised electricity at a lower cost than grid to power heat pumps for heating and cooling is one of the many types of systems our #teamEFX team have had the privilege to design, build and install.  

Our services

  • Ground & Air Source Heat Pumps
  • Solar PV & Battery Storage
  • Thermal Battery Storage Systems
  • EV’s & EV Chargers
  • mCHP Heat & Power Generation
  • Energy Optimisation Smart Tech Systems (EOSTS)

Who We Work With

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