Service Providers – solutions to match customer and supplier needs

Renewable Energy is a rapidly growing market, the fastest growing industry according to Government statistics mentioned in a previous article. Read Here It can provide an economic, clean power supply. All Governments now recognise renewables as a key element of addressing climate change. However, historically, there have been some issues in supply. In our previous article, Cliff Arnold discussed poor quality service provision and the need for training. Cliff is the Founder and CEO of Energifix. Here, he outlines the importance of high-quality service providers for the Renewable Energy market. For example, comfort is given by warranty provision.

About Energifix

Energifix is a team of engineers who are also armed forces veterans. Their shared ambition is to reduce the planets carbon footprint. Energifix provides turnkey installation services for homes and businesses, utilising green energy systems. This, with smart grid integrations and automation, optimises and delivers low carbon energy. Their armed forces background leads to excellent teamwork and skilled project management. Further, they have real pride in delivering workable solutions. Aristotle provides the Energifix Company motto. “We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit”.

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The role of Renewable Energy Service Providers

Service Providers representing the Customer

Even in the same street, our homes are likely to be different from each other. The same is true for factories/offices on a business estate. Equally, an individual's priorities are likely to vary. Cliff Arnold is very sensitive to this. He insists “pushing a pre-defined solution is unlikely to be optimal”. Cliff continues “defining the solution around the Customers needs is ALWAYS best”. Energifix believes their forces background is an advantage here. “Whilst ‘rules’ and ‘processes’ can be established, how they are applied is very different for each engagement”. Technical and Engineering capability is vital in specifying the correct solution. Good project management skills and teamwork then provide for a smooth implementation.

Service Providers representing the Supplier

Developing good relationships with suppliers is also a key role for service providers. Energifix sees this as much more than a simple ‘middle-man’ activity. Cliff explains, “we need to provide a continuum between Customer and Supplier. Transparency ensures all parties get what they desire”. Creating partnerships is very important to Energifix. The work with Samsung is a good example of this. Cliff expands, “we have a very strong working relationship with Samsung. Energifix are a Samsung service partner and we are engaged to provide the services on their behalf”. Partners must clearly meet Customers requirements. But, once established, Energifix confidently represents their partners in providing solutions. Cliff describes, “it’s a win-win-win for all parties”.

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Service Providers representing the Power Generators

Whilst a supplier, these deserve a separate mention. Most generators now utilise renewable energy sources as part of their mix. Some offer 100% renewable energy – OVO, Octopus and Bulb spring to mind. If necessary, Energifix can recommend a suitable generator. Either way, the service provider will optimise the system solution, ensuring the most efficient use of energy. This, in turn, reduces the end Customers carbon footprint. Cliff expands, “many small steps lead to a huge stride in mitigating against climate change”.

Why is Renewable Energy important?

There are several reasons.

  • Renewable energy has a massively reduced impact on the environment, compared to fossil fuels
  • It reduces the UK’s reliance on imported energy. This is particularly relevant to natural gas supply
  • Renewable energy production is, generally, safer than alternatives. Fossil and nuclear fuels rely on underground extraction. Processing often requires sophisticated equipment with inherent dangers. Finally, there is a need for fuel storage with associated hazards.

Energifix, as a renewable energy service provider, has embraced the benefits completely. The philosophy is embedded in its business mission. Cliff expresses it succinctly. “We are committed to reducing the impact of human energy needs on the environment of the planet”.

The comfort of a Service Agreement from Service Providers

Protecting the Customer

The manufacturers provides the warranty and we can uphold the terms and conditions of this with our annual service agreements. However, this piece of equipment will be part of an overall system. It is the system that provides the solution to Customers needs. Let’s take a solar pV installation as an example. An inverter breaks down and effectively removes the system from the grid and interrupts renewable supply. The inverter manufacturer is likely to be offshore. They may work through a distributor that could have multiple other products to represent. This can result in much time and hassle for the end-user. The power of a service provider, such as Energifix, is that they take the ‘burden’ off of the Customer. They also understand the system and may be able to provide an interim fix.

Protecting the manufacturer

There is also a benefit to the manufacturer. They can rely on Energifix to provide quality support to the Customer and ‘protect’ their Brand. The service provider understands technical issues. They can liaise directly with the manufacturers’ technical team to resolve the problem quickly. This is time saved by the manufacturer.

Cliff explains, “a Customer isn’t that interested in the technical issue. They want a speedy resolution that gets their system back online. The manufacturer is primarily interested in making things and getting them out of the door. A partner that can deal with front line technical issues is of great benefit to them”.

The service providers offer from Energifix

Heat Pumps

Heat pump technology is one of the best solutions for low carbon heat generation. The engineering team has over a decade of experience in designing and installing ground and air source heat pump systems.

Solar pV Generation and Storage

Solar photovoltaic (pV) generation is a great low cost solution for power supply. One stage further is to utilise heat pumps optimised with a solar pV and battery system. This turns a home or business into a virtual power plant (VPP).

Thermal Energy Storage Systems

Combining systems to operate in harmony rather than against each other is an Energifix expertise. The engineering team, work with leading manufacturers of smart batteries, and optimum the setup for optimal efficiency.

Electric Vehicle (EV) Charging

With EV’s becoming ever more popular it is imperative that consumers select the correct charging unit. Energifix has a network of its EV charge point providers. These provide connected capabilities to give consumers energy supply flexibility with all sorts of charging capabilities for different car makes and models.

Micro Combined Heat and Power Systems (mCHP)

The Energifix team have had the privilege to design, build and install many such systems. An example is to generate low-cost decentralised electricity to power heat pumps. This provides highly efficient heating or cooling to a home or business. It also enables the user to produce excess energy which it can sell back to the grid.

Smart Tech Systems

Mobile communications have provided a huge capability to utilise software control to manage connected systems. Energifix is able to create system designs and installations bespoke to the customer requirements, small or large.

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