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Green Energy Specialists

industry expertise with military precision

We are a team of engineers who are also armed forces veterans with an ambition to reduce the planets carbon footprint and upgrade the UK population to low carbon living. We provide a turnkey installation service for homes and businesess providing green energy systems combined with smart grid integrations and automations; optimising and delivering low carbon energy to our homes and businesses.

The UK energy system is evolving to utilise more of our renewable energy generation. The challenge is using it when the energy is needed. Energifix is supporting and assisting in the development of the smart grid and connected control.

The deployment of connected systems and smart grid automations to low carbon and renewable technologies, allow energy consumers and suppliers to use our renewable resources more effectively.

Our services exist to serve the energy industry pioneers who are working hard to deliver their ambitions for a cleaner, smarter, renewable energy system. 

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Our Mission

Using an Armed Forces management approach within our organisation, we create order and efficiency to complex and technical system design, installations and projects. We are able to deploy teams of highly trained and skilled engineers taking pride in service to you and your customers.

our company motto

“We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit”.



Cliff Arnold – Managing Director

Cliff Arnold, MD Energifix
EnergiFix’ founder Cliff Arnold served as a UK Royal Marines Commando and earned his Green Beret in 1998. During his service he deployed to several locations and took part in various peacetime and joint military training exercises with the US Marines and Navy, NATO joint rapid reaction force, France, Italy, Turkey, Norway and Sierra Leone. His military career provided training in various skills and capabilities that allowed him rapidly to climb into leadership roles in strategic military units. The aspects of military life in conflict in the middle east in 2002-03 has provided a mindset and capability that Cliff has transferred and applied into his civilian engineering career.

Upon leaving the Royal Marines, Cliff retrained as a heating engineer and has worked in the heating and energy industry for 15 years, holding several senior roles within various organisations, as well as owning his own business previously. Cliff’s extensive experience across the renewable and heat industry, more recently working on research and development projects for the creation of predictive smart control for renewable technologies has consolidated Cliff’s passion and desire to play a central role in the future of the UK’s energy decarbonisation programme. With his technical expertise and experience in devising strategy and operational fulfilment, as well as having a solid understanding of applied engineering, Cliff is uniquely positioned to provide a turnkey service for Energy providers in system design and installation services.

Cliff has a vision for service provision that will set a new standard.

Colin Beaton  Head of Electrical Engineering

Colin Beaton, Head of Electrical Engineering, Energifix
Colin has served for in the Royal Navy and studied at the Royal Navy Weapons Engineering School. His passion for learning and developing new skills meant he quickly climbed to the rank of Chief Petty Officer. He is a disciplined Engineer who enjoys the challenge of working on various technologies which led him into working in the Telecoms Sector and consequently in the renewable and low carbon industry after his exit from the armed forces.

He is a very experienced manager of engineering team and various systems types, and is diligent at maintaining operational readiness. As well as an electrical engineer, Colin is also a qualified Level 3 rugby coach, and Coach Educator he has held various roles in the Ospreys Academy and in the Welsh Leagues.

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